Influencer Face Plants Into A Sprinkles Pool At Ice Cream Museum
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Influencer Face Plants Into A Sprinkles Pool At Ice Cream Museum

Aug 26, 2023

Influencer Jensin Camille’s knees must be hurting after her viral epic fail moment at New York’s Museum of Ice Cream, posted on her social accounts Wednesday, Aug. 23.

The fashionista recently visited the frozen dessert-themed tourist attraction located in four major cities (Miami location coming soon).

One of the popular attractions in the museum is the “pool” area, filled with pink, red, and orange-colored plastic sticks meant to resemble sprinkles. Three sides of the “pool” contained platforms that acted as pool-side diving boards. On one end stood a red slide.

Rocking a light pink cropped top with bows, high-waist split hem jeans, and a cute bob hairstyle, a barefoot Camille stood on a board and cannon-balled into the pen of “sprinkles” only to be hit with the realization that the pit wasn’t that deep.

Camille bounced a bit as she landed on her knees and face-planted.

“This went a lot better in my head,” Camille wrote over the video.

In the caption of the Instagram post, she wrote, “Don’t try this at home.”

Those around turned their attention to the influencer with their mouths hanging open in shock. Commenters on social media couldn’t help but join in on the laughter:

“That’s why you should always test the waters first.”

“Would have stayed right there until closing time.”

“Lucky it was white [people] around bc Black [people] would have been dying laughing.”

“I mean, did you see anyone else do it, sis???? I’m glad you laid there and thought about the decision you made.”

“You should [have] played it out and started swimming, lol.”

“My 30 year old knees hurt just watching this.”

According to commenters, the attraction contains a “pool rules” sign, which tells attendees not to jump, but attendees still do it.

Camille isn’t the only one to dive into the sprinkles pool. The museum posted a clip showing numerous people joyfully falling into the pool.

The Museum of Ice Cream posted Camille’s video with the same caption on their Instagram.

The playful museum is where visitors can break out their inner kid, invoking imagination and happiness through one of the world’s most popular desserts.

Visitors can rediscover the kid inside by playing in a sprinkles pool, participating in activities hosted by guides, learning about ice cream and enjoying unlimited ice cream treats in various forms and shapes.

At least Camille had fun, unleashed her inner child and made the world laugh at her expense.

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