5 Easy Ways To Remove Fungal Stains From Clothes
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5 Easy Ways To Remove Fungal Stains From Clothes

Jun 23, 2023

Moulds or fungal stains in dark and humid spaces, such as damp closets, sweaty clothes hampers or humid basements can damage the fabric. When clothes are stored in these moist areas, tiny mould spores, adept at infiltrating homes, can begin to grow on the fabrics. This can pose health risks like respiratory issues and skin irritation.

It’s crucial to understand how to remove fungal stains from clothes and other fabrics to maintain a healthy home environment. Here are a few steps to remove stubborn moulds on clothes.

Step 1: Scrub the fabric properly

First, treat your clothing by scrubbing the fabric in a well-ventilated room. When you find mould on one piece of clothing, check nearby garments for signs of mould and gather all affected items. If the clothes are damp, try exposing them to sunlight to kill the fungus. Alternatively, place the mouldy garments in a well-ventilated room with open windows, ensuring that vents leading to the rest of the house are closed to avoid spreading mould spores indoors.

Step 3: Dry clothes in sunlight

Aim to dry your freshly washed clothing in direct sunlight if feasible. Sunlight’s UV rays and heat assist in eliminating any remaining mould and mildew. On overcast days or during cooler seasons, use your dryer with settings suitable for your fabrics, as warmer temperatures are more effective in killing mould. Ensure the clothes are completely dry, as any remaining moisture could lead to mould reappearing.

Step 4: Check your clothes for moulds

Inspecting clothing items for any remaining fungal stains and conducting a smell check to ensure they are clean. Give your clothes a thorough examination to ensure all visible signs of mould are gone. In some cases, mould may persist even after the first three steps, so you may need to repeat the process if necessary. For the second (and sometimes third) attempt, try presoaking the clothes for a longer period and scrubbing the fabric more thoroughly to address any remaining mould effectively.

Step 5: Store your clothes in a ventilated area

After completing the cleaning process, make sure not to undo your efforts by leaving your clothes in the dryer or laundry basket. Once you’re confident that your clothing is clean and mould-free, fold it and put it away. It’s best to store clean clothes in a dry area with some form of airflow to maintain their freshness and prevent any mould from returning.

Step 1: Scrub the fabric properlyStep 2: Washing clothes with vinegar or boraxStep 3: Dry clothes in sunlightStep 4: Check your clothes for moulds Step 5: Store your clothes in a ventilated area