Bakery owner responds to Catherine Tyldesley after star accused her of ‘craving exposure’ amid ‘cake gate’
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Bakery owner responds to Catherine Tyldesley after star accused her of ‘craving exposure’ amid ‘cake gate’

May 16, 2023

The baker embroiled in Catherine Tyldesley’s “cake gate” row has broken her silence after the Coronation Street star accused her of “craving exposure”.

Rebecca Severs, owner of the Three Little Birds bakery in Keighley, West Yorkshire, responded to the TV star’s comments by sharing her gratitude for those supporting her small business, and cheekily shared an AI-generated drawing of the cake she was asked to make for the 40th birthday party.

Taking to Instagram to share the image, which showed a three-tiered bright pink cake, covered in flamingo decorations, the baker penned: “I wish I had time to reply to all your amazing messages one by one. But I totally don’t!

“Please know that knowing how much solidarity is out there for small business is incredible and every message of support means a lot.”

Her social media post comes after Tyldesley hit out at the “utterly bizarre” claim she had asked the baker to make more than 100 cakes for a party in exchange for “social media exposure”.

Severs took to Facebook to claim that free cakes had been requested by Leeds-based event management agency Nvrland for a celebrity client in exchange for social media and magazine plugs.

Sharing several screenshots in her social media post, the baker revealed that the planners requested a main cake, a smaller cake and 100 cupcakes for an at-that-point unnamed celebrity celebrating a milestone birthday party.

In the wake of the fallout, MailOnline revealed that celebrity behind the bash was Tyldesley, an actor known for playing Eva Price in Corrie and as a contestant on 2019’s Strictly Come Dancing.

On Wednesday, the TV star responded to the debacle and insisted that she had no idea those emails were sent.

In an Instagram post titled, CAKE GATE – The Truth, Tyldesley spoke directly to her camera and said: “Cake gate! WHAT! So I had no idea those emails were being sent.

“I’m not working with the lovely OK magazine on anything that I’m aware of and NVRLND are an amazing company.

“They’ve supplied me with performers in the past. They’re insane and they’ve been completely misrepresented in this matter.”

The star, who turns 40 on September 17, continued: “Utterly bizarre. I don’t really know what to say. I mean I hope the cake lady got the exposure she was craving.”

The former soap star rounded off her post by writing: “I genuinely do hope the bakery have got some exposure and receive lots of new orders! I’ve always supported local and small businesses.

“The abuse I have been receiving online is horrendous so hopefully this will put an end to it. And here’s to turning 40! Love Cath x.”

In light of the claims, Nvrlnd told MailOnline its email had been “completely misconstrued”. Founder Victoria Eames said: “We would never expect any business to be out of pocket and nor would our client.”