Get Creative With Your Cake Decorating And Break Out The Candy
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Get Creative With Your Cake Decorating And Break Out The Candy

Jul 17, 2023

Candy and cake — what's not to love? Both are delicious treats on their own, sure, but magic happens when they come together in any sweet concoction. And while you might think candy is just a fun and colorful decoration to throw on top of your frosting, it can also add flavor and texture to your cake. Just one simple addition can take a basic cake from ordinary to extraordinary.

There are so many ways to incorporate candy into your cake decorating process that it's a simple trick anybody can use to elevate the look and flavor of any type of cake, regardless of their baking skills. Try coating a layer of white frosting with crushed candy canes, use fruit roll-ups to craft colorful edible flowers, use Easter candy in pretty pastel colors, or crush up an assortment of the best Halloween candy to sprinkle around the sides of the cake.

Whether using gummy bears, M&Ms, or your favorite mini chocolate bars, candy's versatility makes it a perfect addition to any cake, no matter the occasion. With so many options to choose from, the only limit is your imagination. Who knows, maybe you'll discover your own unique candy and cake combination that will become the next viral sensation.

If you're a beginner baker, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the endless options you have when it's time to decorate a cake. From fancy rolled fondant to fresh fruits to getting buttercream frosting just right, there's a lot to consider. That's what makes using candy such a great option — it's simple, versatile, and fun.

But where do you start? Consider the flavors first. While the flavors match, adding Reese's Pieces or crushed-up Twix bars to an already rich chocolate cake recipe might result in a dessert that's overpoweringly sweet. Instead, you might want to choose a lighter candy that pairs well with chocolate without overpowering it, like marshmallows or coconut-based candies.

Once you've got your flavor profile down, think about how you want your cake to look. If you're interested in a rainbow-colored cake, choose candy that comes in rainbow colors, like Skittles or M&Ms. If you need to stick to a specific theme, such as a beach birthday party, look for candy that matches the theme. Gummy sharks, Life Savers (they're life rafts!), and crushed vanilla wafer cookies (that will resemble sand), are all great options in this case.

Regardless of which candy you choose to use, just make sure it's not too heavy or sticky, as it could weigh down your cake or make it difficult to cut, and eat.

Don't stop at simply topping your cake with sweets — find fun ways to decorate the inside of your cake with cand, too, by adding a hidden treasure trove of candy for a fun-filled experience.

One example of a hidden candy cake is the piñata cake. Simply bake two layers of your favorite cake. Once cooled completely, cut out a circle in the center of the bottom layer and fill it with candy. Then frost the bottom layer and place the other layer on top. Frost the entire cake with buttercream, then cover the sides in cut-out strips of wafer paper to create the piñata effect. You can sprinkle some candy around the bottom edges to hint at what's inside. Your guests will gasp when they cut into the cake to discover an explosion of sweet treats.

Or, if you're up for a challenge, try making a rock candy geode cake. Crushed-up rock candy creates an edible crystal effect that looks like a geode bursting out of the side of the dessert. Ultimately, the point is to get creative and experiment. So don't be afraid to make a mess in the kitchen because sometimes the best ideas come unplanned. With candy around, you're bound to surprise yourself and make something delicious.