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"It's Boba Time" Adds Flavor and Vibrancy Across from Colton High School

Apr 29, 2024

Councilmember David Torro, Owners Mother Mrs. Lee, Owner Richard Lee, Mayor Frank Navarro, and Colton Chamber of Commerce Coordinator Christina Gaitan treating themselves to an ice cold beverage with boba.

The city of Colton witnessed a vibrant addition to its business community with the grand opening of “It’s Boba Time,” a trendy beverage outlet located at 805 W. Valley Blvd., right across the street from Colton High School.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony, held on Thursday, August 17th, was graced by over 100 attendees, including members of the Colton Area Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Frank Navarro, Councilmembers John Echevarria, David Torro, Dr. G, and many enthusiastic locals.

Expressing his excitement, Mayor Frank Navarro said, “Boba has a great following among young people, administrators, and teachers, so this will certainly bring a new synergy because of the product’s popularity. They did an outstanding job, and it’s a positive addition to our business community. We’re here to support small businesses, and what a way to kick off the ribbon cutting – they’re offering free boba to the first 100 people in line!”

Interestingly, neither Navarro nor Councilmember David Torro has ever tasted boba pearls, but both expressed their eagerness to try them soon.

Reflecting on the transformation of the location, Torro remarked, “The rehabilitation of this location is like the sun coming over the horizon. I drive through here daily, which has made a significant difference. “It’s Boba Time” is like taking a little piece of pure delight and adding it to the valley. I wish the owner all the luck in the world.”

Richard Lee, the owner of “It’s Boba Time” and an Inland Empire native currently residing in Rancho Cucamonga, felt the need for something trendy and refreshing in the city, especially with Colton High School just across the street. “When I was younger, finding a shake or something refreshing besides coffee was hard. I felt the high school kids needed more options,” Lee shared.

For those unfamiliar with boba, it’s a chewy, sweetened tapioca pearl often added to various drinks. “It’s Boba Time” boasts a menu of over 140 customizable beverages. Some of its signatures include Thai Tea, Tiger Sugar Milk, Taro Milk Tea, Strawberry Matcha Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Milk Tea, a Horchata Smoothie, and more. Customers can add boba pearls to any of these drinks, enhancing the flavor and texture.

The business’s interior mirrors the city’s modern, elegant, and minimalist direction. Established in 2003, the franchise has consistently kept up with trends, ensuring every visitor gets a taste of something unique and refreshing.

With this new addition, Colton‘s horizon just got a little brighter, and its residents have a new trendy spot to hang out after school, on a lunch break from work, and on the weekends.