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The best Disney homewares for every grown

Jul 02, 2023

Embrace your inner Disneyphile and express your love through your home accessories

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This year, Disney is celebrating a very important milestone - the establishment is turning 100 years old. And to every diehard Disney fan’s delight, this comes with an abundance of collaborations and Disney-branded products for us to indulge in. And we’re not talking just about toys and children’s single bed sheets. Grown up Disney homewares too, including some beautiful wallpaper ideas and baking tools.

Disney fans span generations as the company has been around for a century now and has played an important part in many childhood memories. And sometimes a stuffed Mickey Mouse plushie just doesn’t cut it anymore.

So if you want to inject your home with a bit of fairytale whimsy or a cartoon-like graphic, then this round-up of some of our favourite Disney-inspired cookware and home accessories is for you.

This non-stick cake tin set from Prestige makes recreating the iconic Mickey Mouse head shape easy by separating the ears from the head.

This Bambi wallpaper from the Disney Home x Sanderson collaboration is a subtle way to incorporate Disney into your home as the wild flower meadow slightly conceals Bambi and his friends who are revealed upon closer inspection.

For the most inconspicuous way to incorporate Disney into your home, try these Mickey Mouse ice cube trays to serve with cocktails at dinner parties.

This artificial plant potted in a glazed ceramic pot shaped as Winnie the Pooh's head is adorable. You could even use it to pot a real plant of your own.

This bedding set from Dunelm celebrates Mickey Mouse in a vibrant 70s-inspired pattern. And it's double-sided, with the reverse revealing a more delicate Mickey print.

This ceramic vase from Dunelm discreetly shows off Mickey Mouse's head through all-over tonal embossing.

There has never been a shortage of Disney-themed products. We can’t complain about that. But what we can have a moan about is the focus on children’s items like toys, children’s bedding, children’s clothes and school supplies. Of course, Disney is primarily focused on children’s entertainment. But as the company turns 100, its fandom includes multiple generations. For some of us, the infatuation with Disney has simply never faded.

And like with anything you love, we want to be surrounded by it or at least reminded of it once in a while with something like an understated ceramic vase covered in a tonal Mickey Mouse embossing from Dunelm.

Dunelm revealed its collection paying homage to Disney earlier this summer, focusing on the iconic character of Mickey Mouse, as well as Winnie the Pooh and his friends through the likes of bedding and home decorations like plant pots.

But if you want to go big (but beautiful), we recommend the whimsical wallpapers from the Disney collaboration with Sanderson, an English heritage wallpaper and textile brand. We’ve been especially enchanted by the Bambi-focused motif of the character frolicking through a flower meadow. And it turns out this is not the first time Sanderson has partnered with Disney.

‘Our archive is a treasure trove of inspiration and it’s our privilege to share this wonderful piece of nostalgia with the world,’ says Rebecca Craig, lead designer at Sanderson. ‘Disney is part of all our childhoods, representing joy, happiness and time spent with our families. This collection presents a piece of history, relaunching iconic 1930s Disney Home x Sanderson designs, alongside the addition of newly created fabrics and wallpapers, each featuring original Disney characters.’

For anyone that loves baking and is looking for Disney-inspired kitchen ideas, its partnership with the cookware and bakeware brand Prestige will be the one to get. Looking to Mickey Mouse once again, the collection is covered in the instantly recognisable silhouette of Mickey’s head and ears. Our favourite is the unique design of the three-piece set of non-stick Mickey head cake tins. Ideal Home’s very own Ecommerce Editor, Molly Cleary has experienced it first hand.

'I oversee appliance and cookware content at Ideal Home so I was super excited to be invited to try out the new Disney x Prestige bakeware. The baking experts over at Prestige showed us how to use these super cute Mickey moulds to create cakes with a Disney twist without the faff.

'The ear-shaped cakes are created in separate tins, which makes it so easy to create the signature shape without any disasters. We used edible flowers and herbs to decorate our cakes which really elevated them and the quality of all of the baking kit was great!'

And if you want something a little more subtle, then Mickey and Minnie Mouse-shaped ice cubes might tickle your fancy, courtesy of the Disney ice cube tray by George.

Possibilities are endless, some more stylish and cool than others. But it’s up to you to pick your Disney-flavoured poison.

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Sara Hesikova has been Ideal Home’s News Writer since July 2023, bringing the Ideal Home’s readership breaking news stories from the world of home and interiors. Graduating from London College of Fashion with a bachelor’s degree in fashion journalism in 2016, she got her start in niche fashion and lifestyle magazines like Glass and Alvar as a writer and editor before making the leap into interiors. She feels the two are intrinsically connected - if someone puts an effort into what they wear, they most likely also care about what they surround themselves with.

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