Viral video about why pen caps have a hole stuns social media
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Viral video about why pen caps have a hole stuns social media

Jun 07, 2024

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A viral Instagram video about pen lids is blowing some users’ minds while other smartypants say it’s recycled information.

Content creator Zack D. posts “A Collection of Things That I Find Interesting,” and an explanation about why ballpoint pen caps have a hole is apparently interesting to his fans, too.

”Most people think it has something to do with the ink,” Zack told his 214,000 Instagram followers. “But the actual reason is much more important than that.”

He said that pen companies are required to put the hole in the cap for legal reasons.

“You see, it’s just enough space for airflow if the cap gets stuck in someone’s throat,” he explained.

Business Insider reported that the hole is also there to equalize the pressure inside the pen to keep it from leaking.

Zach’s video has over 118,000 likes and 385 comments.

A post shared by Zack D. Films (@zackdfilms)

According to the Pen Company, psychologists have found that chewing on pens or pencils can be self-comforting, and “occurs as a result of feeling anxious or stressed.”

So the fear of someone swallowing the loose topper isn’t irrational — perhaps it’s preventative from causing further harm to the body.

“I remember chewing this pen cap during my childhood,” one Instagram user commented.

“Most people including me like to bite the pen cap,” another admitted.

Other commenters were mind-boggled by Zach’s information.

One wrote, “Lesson: pen caps are edible.”

“Huh????” another asked.

But some declared “everyone knew this going 30 years back.”

”I thought this was common knowledge,” one brainy user wrote.

“Everyone knows this by know [sic],” another chimed in.

“Very old news,” one added.

Regardless, other users had a different purpose for the pen cap in mind.

“I use them as little whistles.” one said.

“Its for smoking weed, you don’t fool me lol,” another joked.

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